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Lead innovative projects and teams from idea to execution in a challenging international high-tech environment and be part of tomorrow’s change

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As a project or programme manager at Neways, you work at the heart of our organisation. Together with your team, you manage programmes from the design & engineering phase to the production phase. A cross-departmental challenge where you collaborate with technical development teams to build new propositions, features and programmes.


Manage the future together

Together, you will define projects, design and execute roadmaps and coordinate the project and workflows to ensure a smooth path to success. A position in which you constantly balance the interests of the customer, technical feasibility and the interests of Neways. Work that makes tomorrow’s innovation possible.

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Neways employs more than 3.000 professionals and is located all over the world. Our passion for technology and innovation knows no boundaries. This makes for a powerful diversity of people, but also endless career opportunities. Curious? Explore our locations and find your new job in tech.

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At Neways, we work to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with cutting-edge high-tech innovations. You work with the brightest talents from all over the world. Highly motivated professionals who want to make a difference. Just like you. Together, we create solutions that improve the lives of people all over the world. That’s why (y)our work changes the way we live, work and play.