Naud Willems, New Business Developer

You are not just a number at Neways, you are truly seen.

I have influence in transformation and growth of the company

“When I applied to Neways in 2017, my ambition was to become an account manager. I have a background as a lead engineer, but I wanted to work more on the client side. Since I didn’t have the required demonstrable experience, I spent my first two years in project management at Neways Technologies, after which I became an account manager.

During a later reorganization of the corporate sales department where I was then working, and where roles were redefined, I found that I didn’t quite fit into the new profiles. Together with Neways, we found a role that suited me better, one where the competencies I developed in my previous job as a product developer and my commercial skills come together very well.

"The great thing about working at Neways is that the management really looks at what suits you."

Naud Willems

The management really looks at what suits you

Although it took some searching, I feel that I am now in a better place than before. The great thing about working at Neways is that the management really looks at what suits you instead of letting you struggle in a role where you don’t excel. I now work as a business development manager in the Neways Technologies customer success team, selling development projects which we execute at Neways Technologies, and contribute to the design of our technology roadmap so that we can secure even more exciting projects in the future. This involves helping to bring focus towards the technologies we are expecting to be very successful in the near future and which suit Neways very well.


I get energized by achieving things that initially seem difficult by putting in the effort with a team. It’s exciting to secure a project that everyone was initially skeptical about and to ultimately develop a great business relationship from it.

I find it really cool how much influence we have on the transformation and growth of Neways into a new company. The feeling that you are working together as a team but also having individual impact gives a lot of satisfaction. Neways is not such a gigantic company that you are just a number; you are truly seen here, and if you have something meaningful to contribute, it is acted upon.”