René Vaes, QESH Manager and Continuous Improvement Manager

Neways helped me to develop myself

There is a great culture where people support each other

As a QESH Manager, I am part of the management team at Neways NEXT, with responsibilities encompassing quality, environment, safety, and health. Additionally, I am the Continuous Improvement Manager for the Neways NEXT production facilities in Son and Echt. I started as an engineer at Neways, held various roles, and worked on large-scale projects, including improvement initiatives. Neways helped me develop myself through a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and a leadership development program. My manager knew I had ambitions for continuous self-improvement. When the QESH Manager position became available, I had discussions with the Engineering Manager and the Managing Director of NEXT. With their support and that of my then-supervisor, I was able to take this step.

"You have specific tasks and responsibilities and interact with many different roles and people."

René Vaes

Matrix organization

In a matrix organization like this, you have specific tasks and responsibilities and interact with many different roles and people. I work a lot with colleagues in the Netherlands, but our site also produces in Slovakia, and I have contact with Malaysia and China. This means dealing with various cultures and ways of working, which sometimes  can be a challenge. However, once you establish good cooperation, it is very rewarding and enjoyable to work together in this way. You realize you can genuinely help someone on the other side of the world or Europe. Sometimes, there are challenging discussions, for instance, when something goes wrong. You are engaged in problem-solving from hundreds of kilometers away. This creates a dynamic work environment where no two days are the same. This dynamism makes working at Neways very pleasant and interesting for me.


Freedom and opportunities

Besides being able to help others, the freedom and opportunities Neways offers make it a wonderful place to work. There is a great culture where people support each other, give each other space, and recognize potential. Using myself as an example, I had limited leadership experience, no management experience, and yet I was given a QESH management position and responsibility for a team of ten. That Neways recognized my qualities and gave me the opportunity means they see the best in people and want to bring out the best in them. This is why I have been working at Neways with great pleasure and enthusiasm for eight years.”