Working in the Netherlands

Neways has locations in Son, Echt, Leeuwarden en Enschede. In The Netherlands we focus on electronic components, box-build assembly and wiring and cables. Together we create smart solutions that improve peoples’ lives and offer you the opportunity to grow a career in high-tech to be proud of.

Jobs in The Netherlands

The Netherlands at a glance

Working at Neways in the Netherlands means working in a high-tech environment. Our three sites in Son are deeply rooted in Europe’s most advanced technology hub, Brainport Eindhoven, focussing on electronic components, cabinet assembly and circular solutions.

In Echt, we focus on the assembly of wiring and cable harnesses that form the nerve system of any equipment. Also we assemble sensing and actuation micro-electronics

Our site in Nijmegen specializes in microsystems for smart sensing and actuation applications using advanced packaging technologies in the healthcare and smart mobility sectors.

Leeuwarden is home to the production and assembly of electronic components and small box-build, including life cycle support for unique charging solutions, food and industrial applications. 

We operate state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities across most of our sites, working for some of the most demanding clients in the industry like ASML, Philips, Thermofisher, Alfen, Airbus and many more.

Started in The Netherlands

More that tulips and windmills

We offer smart thinkers and makers a job with many career opportunities for various fields and jobs. At Neways you’re part of a team where trust, innovation, team spirit, growth and your welfare come together as one. With this team, you’ll work on a variety of projects in an international working environment. Together we’re contributing to the most advanced lithography equipment and advanced health care systems.

 So come join our team and explore Neways to work, grow and really make a difference.

Our sites in the Netherlands

Neways Technologies BV
The Netherlands, Son, Echt & Enschede
Neways Advanced Applications B.V.
The Netherlands, Son
Neways Advanced Microsystems B.V.
The Netherlands, Nijmegen
Neways Cable & Wire Solutions B.V.
The Netherlands, Echt
Neways Electronics International
The Netherlands, Son
Neways Expanding Technologies
The Netherlands, Son
Neways Leeuwarden B.V.
The Netherlands, Leeuwarden

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Neways employs more than 3.000 professionals and is located all over the world. Our passion for technology and innovation knows no boundaries. This makes for a powerful diversity of people, but also endless career opportunities. Curious? Explore our locations and find your new job in tech.