The Netherlands, Son

Neways Technologies BV

Neways Technologies is the development and engineering part of Neways. Neways wants to be the lifecycle partner of its customers. That’s why we support them already in the design and development phase of the electronics that facilitate major trends around global ESG themes.  With over 200 development engineers Neways Technologies -as part of Neways Electronics- has an experienced and strong team. The team is located in the Netherlands and in Germany and is assigned to the following focus areas: Hardware, Software, Firmware, Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical. We are flexible in our way of working with sound project management skills, or Agile sprint based activities.

Jobs at Neways Technologies BV

Create impact together with Neways

At Neways we believe in the human factor of the electronics business. Since all our technology is created by people with the purpose to help people around the world. To create impact together at Neways, we want all our talents to feel at hoome in the workplace and feel a connection to their environment. We recognize and reward their contribution since it’s these talents that make the life-changing tech of Neways possible

Stay in place and explore Neways together

For talents to strive, Neways creates a great inspiring environment that leads to better results. It’s important that all people are in place and get the trust to choose how best to tackle tasks and solve problems. Although Neways is a global organization, work feels personal because the local facilities are close and connected. We provide our people with what they need to explore new opportunities and stay energetic

Grow and learn together with Neways

In a rapidly changing high-tech environment, not only is Neways growing, but our people are growing with it. Developing talent is crucial to the sustainable success of our company. That’s why there are endless opportunities for learning at Neways. We help our talents identify what they want to achieve and give them the freedom to develop. This is how we grow and learn together at Neways.

Discover our workplaces around the world

Neways employs more than 3,000 professionals and is located around the world. Our passion for technology and innovation knows no boundaries. This makes for a powerful diversity of people, as well as endless career opportunities. Curious? Explore our locations and find your new job in tech.